Editor of The Quibbler, father of Luna Lovegood; widower since c. 1990. Unusually open-minded, to the point where The Quibbler is not taken seriously, he agreed to publish Rita Skeeter’s exclusive interview giving Harry Potter’s version of the events surrounding Voldemort’s return in June 1995 (OP25). After the Ministry of Magic and the Daily Prophet changed their tune about Voldemort’s return in June 1996, Mr. Lovegood sold the interview to the Daily Prophet for a very good price. Later, during Voldemort’s second rise in the Wizarding World, The Quibbler’s editorial policy was to steadfastly support Harry, to impress upon the Wizarding World that it’s everyone’s first duty to help Harry.

He appears to be something of a naturalist, because he apparently used the money from the sale of the Harry Potter interview to The Daily Prophet to finance a trip to Sweden with his daughter to try to catch a Crumple-Horned Snorkack (OP38), and in general his magazine seems to expend a lot of effort on stories about—unusual—magical beasts. He obtained what he believed to be the horn of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, “an enormous, gray spiral horn, not unlike that of a unicorn.” Hermione recognized that this horn was in fact an Erumpent horn, a “Class B Tradeable Material” prone to “explode at the slightest touch.” Unfortunately, Hermione was right; a poorly-aimed Stunning Spell from Xenophilius hit the Erumpent horn, setting off an explosion that demolished his home.

Taken from the HP-lexicon.

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