Viktoria Krum

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As the much younger sister of the famour Viktor Krum, Vikky has lived much of her life in the shadow of her big brother. Vikky began her school career at Durmstang in her brother's 6th year and was present for his attempt at the Triwizard Tournament, though was not important enough to him at the time to be his subject held by the mermaids. Because of the 5 year age gap between the, she and Viktor were never close. Vikky was sorted into the same house as Viktor, whichwould have kept her from playing Quidditch in her second year had the Triwizard Tournament not been held, thanks to her brother's presence in the position she also plays. As a more slight girl than her brother, she has better agility and manueverability but she's often overlooked, kept in the shadow of her brother. With the rise of Voldemort following the Triwizard Tournament, Vikky hasn't felt safe at Durmstang, known for being more Dark Arts heavy. Though a pureblood, Vikky doesn't conform to strong beliefs in the Dark Arts. Before Dumbledore was killed, Vikky had already completed all of the necessary paperwork to become a transfer to Hogwarts. With his death and Snape taking control of the school, her brother tried to talk her out of the transfer but Vikky was already committed, and after much discussion, it was decided that she would begin her 5th year at Hogwarts. She understands that times will be tough and she will have to stand up for herself but she looks forward to the change of pace. 


Vikky used to be very outgoing and can sometimes have a mouth that gets her into trouble, as she can sometimes speak before she thinks.




While both of Viktoria’s parents are dead, they were Laila and Martin Krum. She does have a surviving brother named Viktor Krum.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Katie.

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