The name suggests it all. This page is BtV's to-do list and a place for moderators and bored players to see what they can or need to do.

While this list is accessable to anyone who comes across it, please only use it if you are a member of Beyond the Veil. Also, please only use it if you know, 100% sure, that you can do a task on it.


  • Finish the following pages: Advertise, Join, Overview, Setting, Main Page,
  • Continue adding non-Harry Potter places to the places page.
  • Make certain that all characters in the 'Deceased Character' category have the appropriate category tags, i.e. that if they are a mother, they have the 'mother' category, female, male, vampire, witch, wizard, etc.
  • Eliminate all current pages in the 'Incomplete' category
  • Create categories for: Missing in Action, Wanted by the Ministry, Past Professors, Educational Institutions and add these new categories to the 'Character Category' category.
  • Sort add categories to applicable character profiles
  • Create pages for each member of the Sokolov family, even if it is only a few sentences.
  • Using the 2000 page and the pages connected to it as a template, work on the timeline. All referenced dates should get a page, even if it is just a bullet, month, and record of the event.
  • Any 'MM' left on the wiki should be changed to 'BtV' and 'Malfoy Mansion' to 'Beyond the Veil'.
  • Complete the Weasley Family pedigree.
  • Update the individual player profiles in the Players category to feature a direct link to the player profile. This needs to be done after we get the new URL.

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