The petition for character page is linked to by characters that require more than the standard character application. Generally speaking, all the characters that link to this page have been played in the game before and played to such a degree that a player has to be especially familiar with our history, the genre, or be a member for a while before they can play. The exceptions are listed below:

All available vampires are also linked to this page as we want to be certain that anyone interested in a vampire reads up on BtV vampires. You can read about our vampires here and  here.

In some cases, you may have been referred to this page because the character you're inquiring about is a Tangean. Well, we're still working on our Tangean article, so please ask the admin on the boards.

To play a character linked to this page, you must:

• Speak in length about this character with the administrator of the game.
• Have prior experience role playing.
• Demonstrate promise within the group by playing at least one other character, or be invited to play by the administrator or a moderator.
• Get approved to play this character by the administrator.
• Be over 18 (an overall game rule)